Target Shooting in the Heart of Hampshire
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Formation of the Club

At the end of the Second World War the club was formed at the HQ Coy 1st Hampshire HG by Captain Alfred Bunker, and was registered with the ‘Society of Miniature Rifle Clubs’ on 12th April 1945, and approved on 1st August 1945. The club used the range at the Drill Hall in Andover and the club officials were:

President – Major G C Vokins MC
Treasurer – Mr H A Holton
Secretary – Captain A Bunker

Shortly after formation, the club moved to the 25yd range at RAF Andover and shot in the Andover and District League, consisting of mainly Home Guard teams including those from Fyfield, Overton and Wolversdene. The main team members were:

Peter A Olliver
Mr & Mrs R Wakeford
Mr C Wiggett
Mr R Baker
Mr F L Jones
Mrs E Barraclough
Mr W Hardy
Mr C W E Banting
Mr & Mrs E Ryland
Mr Don Truman
Mavis Abley
John Cox
John Williams
John Causley

On the 9th November 1951 the name of the club was changed officially to the ‘Andover Small-Bore Rifle Club’. As the club expanded and progressed, it was decided to look for a site for an outdoor range. Peter Olliver was secretary at the time and he is still an active club member today. Peter and the committee purchased the current site from the estate for £500 in about 1953. The site was a disused gravel pit once occupied by Wm Marshall & Sons until the commencement of the war. The derelect site consisted of water filled holes and piles of spoil. The first job was to bulldoze out the 100yd range alongside the old railway line. The range was gradually improved as time, labour and funds allowed.

The first range certificate was issued on 3rd August 1955, followed by 27th August 1956 and 27th August 1957 as improvements to the range progressed. On 6th March 1959 a 20yd pistol range certificate was also issued.