Target Shooting in the Heart of Hampshire
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100yd Range

The Andover range features a 16 lane 100yd prone rifle range with covered firing points. This range can also be used for 50m, 50yds, 25yds & for benchrest shooting up to 100yds. The range is quite sheltered and thus is good for setting a good score, but does feature enough wind to present a bit of a challenge now and again. We like to think it’s a good balance.


Covered firing points of the 100yd range

New pavilion for rifle setup


The firing points are covered, and there is ample room for preparation in a newly built shelter at the rear of the range.

50m Range

In addition to the above, Andover also has a 4 lane 50m range, 3 lanes of which are electronic scoring capable. This range can be used for prone & 3-positional rifle shooting, gallery rifle, sporting rifle, black powder & benchrest shooting. All disciplines can be shot from 20yds to 50m and the range can be used independently of the 100yd range.

A view down the 50m range (without the electronic targets set up)


Other Club Facilities

The range area boasts two heated club rooms, tea and coffee facilities and toilets in addition to the preparation shelter pictured above.

Clubroom next to the electronic range


Car Parking

Andover RPC has ample car parking space, just next door to the firing points and club room facilities.